Earth Links has been invited to participate and present at two events this Fall

The “International Rice Conference” in Singapore and the “International Workshop to Enhance Cooperation and Sharing among

SRI National Networks” in Malaysia

The IRC is taking place in Singapore, October 14-17 at the Marina Bay Sands and the Workshop is being held at the The Leverage Business Hotel-Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia on the 18th-19th of October.

A Very Special Thanks to Oxfam for making the SRI Rice booth possible at the IRC
At the IRC Stephen Leinau will making a presentation on “Reducing Injuries and Increasing Yields for Smallholder Women Rice Farmers through Additive Manufacturing and the Design, Modification and Testing of Rotors for use with SRI Weeders” and making a presentation on “The Future Guardians of Rice: Bali, World Heritage, and the Next Generation of Farmers” on behalf of the paper’s four authors; Wiwik Dharmiasih, Micah Fisher, Lucy Fisher and Stephen Leinau.

At the Malaysian meeting as part of the “HIGHLIGHTS OF GLOBAL INITIATIVES” Stephen will be discussing the development of an international SRI Equipment Network.